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Or you can learn more about my lucky numbers we use to win Cash 3 Numbers daily. 

Using our lucky numbers to play for the day and night drawings.

Cash App "$USACaribbeannetwork" $5 to get Today's lucky numbers for your state before 12 Noon.

You can set your own financial goals based on how much money you need.










UCN2024: The Lottery System I Learn from In Winning Over and Over.


5/24/2024 TODAY'S LUCKY NUMBER 770 - 771


We don't just pray for people's problem to go away; we use our system to help people struggling with financial issues.

Through "Yahweh Holy Spirit" I was given a gift through dreams and visions to help change lives around the world.



Dr M eight coded AI system can be applied to number in all 50 states where lotto is played.

Unfortunately, the number can only be given to members or clients but the formulars that produces the results cannot be shared.

Every night you can receive different numbers and through our decoding system, we are able to convert the daily results from any states to get the suggested nightly numbers.

Cash 4 Dream System.

day play

Each night we focus on our spiritual dreaming system, that give us a glimpse of the future Cash 4 numbers that will play within the next 3 days.

These dreams have to be converted from universal language which means understanding what events, images or numbers correspond to a number within our language, 

Sharing in Our Success

Day & Night Results

Should we win, our Prophetic Foundation give away 50% of the money to approved Churches who will use the funds only to acquire rent free housing to help homeless victims in their communities.

  • - Some Caribbean Islands
  • - Some US States
  • - Some African Countries 

You Should Only Join If You Need Help Getting Out of Debts.

We have developed a simple system that predict the daily winning numbers from multiple states.

In All State Taxes are Required After You Win.

Example: If Cash 4 ticket pays out under $5,000 therefore there is a 28% tax required. 

Purchase and cash out.

               •            Tickets are purchased direct from authorized lottery stores, not online to avoid multiple purchase payout penalties.

               •            Winning tickets can be cashed out up to 6 months, so we pick up payouts daily from multiple locations in cash or money order.

Dr. Micklewhite

I am a prophetic man of God, with a special gift like my mother Enid.  My blessings was cast upon me out of seven children.  Now I am using these spiritual insights to help myself and others I need.  I choose only to focus on seeing vision of the future dealing with numbers. 

Using my gift of vision, I was able to win more than 200 times. Now I'm about showcase how my system can turn ordinary people into millionaires.

Cash 5

Every day we fucus on prayer and praise, because without the help of Yahweh   we would not be as successful in our visions and using this system.

Participants must be winning to call in on our prayer line daily in order where with take 10 minutes to praise Our God for helping us with wealth building using the lottery system.

Dream Big

Try Our 30 Days Trial!

Everyone deserves a chance to become a winner in order to help themself achieve their goals.

Get a 100% refund if you don't win after 30 days.

VIP Partnerships

Become A VIP Partner.

Imagine never having to come up daily with the winning numbers in multiple states, but upon winning you get a text stating that you win a share in our daily pool.

Wealth Buiding

After our one-on-one meeting, participants can make a onetime buy in to become a lifetime VIP partner.

Attend Virtual Meetings

We have been developing our lotto decoding system for over 2 years which has allowed us to win more than 200+ times.

This information can only be shared we will VIP members and partners.

Joint Venture Partnerships

All partnerships are created as a joint venture LLC between our business and the participant.

Each Joint venture is 50/50. Each day we purchase Cash 3, Cash 4 and Cash 5 numbers for our partners.


No investment required from our members our community investment pool invest in all purchases for the community members to share in for life and beyond.

Level 1

Every day we purchase 10 tickets (Total $30) with the daily predicted lucky numbers to win $50,000 for 3 days. 

 If we do not win, then we must go back to the previous level #0 for 3 days.

Level 2

Upon winning, we will then use $300 of the winning funds to purchase 100 tickets of the daily predicted lucky numbers, to win $500,000 for 3 days. If we do not win, then we must go back to the previous level #1 for 3 days.

Level 3

Upon winning, we will then use $3K of the winning funds to purchase 1,000 tickets of the daily predicted lucky numbers, to win $5,000,000 for 3 days. If we do not win, then we must go back to the previous level #2 for 3 days.

Level 4

Upon winning, we will then use $30K of the winning funds to purchase 10,000 tickets of the daily predicted lucky numbers, to win $50,000,000 for 3 days. If we do not win, then we must go back to the previous level #3 for 3 days.

Purchase Gold & Stocks

Purchase Yacht & Luxury Cars for Rental

BoatLuxury cars

Buy Wholesale Real Estate



  • #1 Ride Sharing Revenues

  • Leasing cars to entrepreneur drivers who directly work for medical deliveries, Lyft, Uber & Door Dash etc., who want to share a percentage of their daily receivables with our community for setting them up in business with car and more.

  • #2 Our Daily E-Trading on ThinkorSwim

  • Each day start out by taking a few REITS stock and options stocks where we are buying CALLS and PUTS. if the option gains a profit above 100% to sell to stay save in generating extra income, etc., 50% of the revenues is share with our VIP partners.

  • #3 Affiliate Marketing

  • Each morning monitor our affiliate accounts where we are promoting more than 100 affiliates offers.  We run paid ads for on 12 different platforms. 50% of the commissions is share with VIP partners.

  • #4 Ads Revenues

  • Ads revenues is generated from multiple WordPress websites we create for members and clients with embedded Google ads and from our YouTube channel. 50% of the revenues is share with our VIP partners.

  • #5 E-commerce stores

  • As part of our commitment to our community we create multiple stores and promote them.  50% of the sales is then shared with our VIP Partners. This includes all affiliate commissions from any major stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.,

  • #6 Social Media Revenue

  • As more members join or follow us on social media (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) we dedicate our team to research and create short videos, online podcast and videos daily. 50% of the revenues is share with our VIP Partners.

#7 Food and Beverage

Business Island Food to Go has tested its Virginia Caribbean food catering business with plan to open a cafe to give away more than 500 per day.

#9 Quarterly Private Party

This is a gathering of over 50+ invited guest event monthly invited.  Food &, drinks provided plus attendees can win up to $1,000 give away at the party.

The event location TBA at a later date.


#8 Home repair

As an engineer in electronics, electrical, we also specialize in home maintenance and handyman services.

A list of services can be viewed at www.unitedcontractm.com

#10 Credit & Trade Lines

As more people are struggling financially our business uses reserved revenues to help some members with micro advance and in addition give information on credit solution members can use to get out of debt. This service is $0/client and is free to registered affiliates.



For Winners Only

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